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After we became mothers, did we all need answers to a million questions about our babies? Isn’t the answer to that a resounding ‘YES’? So what did we do about it? Most of us resorted to social media and joined up various groups and religiously began following their advice on subjects like breastfeeding, baby feeding, sleeping, sleep training, toilet training and a host of other baby related issues. But did we always get an immediate response? On facebook, Instagram, twitter we sometimes had to wait for a day or two for answers which were wanted yesterday.

Useful for :All mothers,mom to be candidates, fathers, parents, nannies, babysitters,..

There had to be another way; we had to be able to communicate with others no matter where we are in the world and no matter what time of day and support each other immediately. We had to be able to touch each other and help each other. It all started as a dream and now it has become reality.

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About us header
About us header

If you wish to share something or ask some questions, you can do it in a group or an individual chat. You can ask a polar mother or if you want, you can talk to an eclectic mother. You and only you holds command over who you wish to interract with.

How it works?

You can connect to a chat room, you can ask each other questions that are relevant to your needs. We call this the power of the mothers. While waiting to others in need, you will meet on this platform the mothers waiting to support you. You'll be interacting with each other instantly, even in seconds, For example;

You:"What are you doing to increase the mother's milk ?"
A:I drink plenty of water
B:I increase the frequency of the feeds or use the pump to store and refrigerate.
C:“What kind of path do you follow in sleep training?”
D:i use .. method
A:Please check this web-site to learn more things

About us header


We are sure that after the birth of your child, you have experienced similar problems like all mothers before and after you across the world. Perhaps you have asked for help, maybe you feel very desperate, perhaps you want to ask someone for something about you and your baby/child, but you are limited to just your surrounding area or maybe even embarrassed to ask. Maybe you are a member of various groups and platforms across social media trying to gather information or you wish to share your knowledge. These platforms could only help you on your own and in your country. But with our application you can communicate with not only with mothers in your state but with all mothers worldwide.

With this application, if you want to go to the poles, to the equator, east or west, you can go and ask them all of your questions ... Do not forget, you are the master, you are the one who will draw the border. All over the world mothers are waiting for you and your questions, and of course they want to ask and learn from you as well.

Fidan Duman

  • Jakub Klapka Founder
    My Life My Kids
    mamaped.com fidanduman.com

    She was born in İzmir on 12.08.1984. She completed her primary, secondary and high school education in İzmir and graduated from Civil Engineering in 2006. She graduated the title of "M.Sc. Civil Engineer" after completed from the Istanbul Technical University Construction Management Department. She has been invited as a guest speaker at many conferences and seminars with her graduate thesis. Duman has been involved in a number of prestigious and private construction projects in Turkey as a mid-level and senior manager for many years. Duman continues to work her profession area and follow on her personal blog, site, brand and registration products’ works. My Life My kids' application idea, content and brand owner Duman, is married and has 2 children's mother. The foreign language is English. She lives in Mumbai/India and İstanbul/Turkey.

E-mail :-fidan@mylifemykids.com
Contact Numbers:-
TR: +90 533 634 94 35
India : +91 829 138 01 02

Muharrem Dursun

  • Jakub Klapka Founder
    My Life My Kids
    Managing Director, XLPXL Managing Director, FRETLOG

    Muharrem Dursun is co-founder of My Life My Kids. He is always open for Ideas and collaborations. He has decades of experience in Logistics and is Managing Director of FRETLOG. FRETLOG as a company specialises in offering end-to-end supply chain solutions combining intercontinental Air and Ocean freight and is having 7 offices across India, Turkey & Japan. He is also the Managing Director of XLPXL IT Solutions – a company specializing in Mobile Apps, Software development and Web Design.

E-mail :-mdursun@mylifemykids.com

Aamod Thakur

  • ShrutiThakur Director & Tech Head

    Currently designated as Director at XLPXL, a startup providing software services for Freight Forwarding & Logistics domain and expanding its portfolio to Web design, Mobile Apps, Branding Solutions, etc . Responsible for identifying new possibilities, opportunities for building company portfolio and design/plan strategies to drive the relationships for XLPXL.
    All round IT professional with 10+ years of experience in Software Development and 7+ years of experience in Project Management working with cutting edge technologies like Developer Express, Ionic Framework, iOS & Android development, Firebase, SQL Server, Replication, .NET, MVC, Winforms, Web forms, Cloud, WAP, SMS Platforms.

Shruti Thakur

  • ShrutiThakur Lead Programmer

    My career in IT started in May 2007 when I was fortunate enough to be selected for college startup company. Having completed my bachelors degree in Information Technology, I started my training their and completed my Masters degree in IT in 2009.
    I love the challenge of developing and programming to the best of my ability. As a Team Leader I enjoy setting a working tone and environment which, hopefully, means the people I work with will enjoy their work but also want to give their very best and operate in a professional, relaxed manner.
    About me i will say i am a Passionate and Inquisitive IT professional with 10+ years of experience with Microsoft certified professional developer certifications and Masters degree in IT. Expert and highly familiar with Developer Express, Ionic Framework, iOS & Android development, Firebase, SQL Server, .NET, MVC, Winforms, Web forms.
    Apart from IT , I am a wife , holiday planner,plane spotter but nervous flyer. I am crazy for pets and can keep any number of pets  

Dhiraj Patil

  • DhirajPatil Developer – Mobile Apps & Software

    I graduated from University of Mumbai in 2015 in Information Technology. I have also completed GNIIT (Software Engineering) Diploma from National Institute of Information and Technology(NIIT).
    To work as Jr. Software Developer has provided me with different platforms in this field since 2 years. I am currently working on ASP.Net, MVC , Entity framework, Html5, firebase, SQL server ,Ionic framework using Angular Js , IOS and Android development using Ionic Cordova , Hybrid apps , Photoshop.
    Besides all this professional stuff I love traveling, with friends and family. I am huge fan of cricket and I do play cricket. To sum up I dedicate myself to my work along with other activities to have a balanced life.

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